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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our humble contribution to the community, the economy, and the environment.



Since the inception of Executive Study Abroad, more than two decades ago Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been embedded into our company’s core doctrines. The organization recognizes that dynamic and reforming employment legislation and maintenance of conventionalities, especially in the educational sector are essential for a company like us to perceive global ambitions and excellence.

Pertaining to the sector of economic efficiency and legal compliances, Executive Study Abroad is an absolute and genuine Bangladeshi-owned company operating at the sustentation of market responsibilities. Fair operational enterprises are practiced throughout all the levels of hierarchy and exceptionally when in the case of potential clients and students looking forward to working with us and those who have already received our services by provision of sufficient tactful counsel. Our commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and not transmitting to unauthorized people while facing challenges or crises for students seeking out solutions from us remains incomparable and intact from the beginning.



As we may be well aware that workplace discrimination is a major concern of disparate organizations but here at the company, we have ensured to maintain strict prohibitions on labor practices necessitating sectors such as sufficient employment benefits and compensation, provision of a robust work-life balance in addition to immense opportunities of self-growth and literacy. Furthermore, in regard to organizational governance, Executive Study Abroad corroborates with utmost accountability and transparency by providing equitable facts and figures to its stakeholders internationally and locally as well.

Our company has been deeply integrated with several social activities that include corporate volunteering and patronization of youth development and empowerment through its ventures over the decades. One such example includes the arrangement of an Inter-College Debate competition at Chandpur Government College in remembrance of the philanthropist and former Head Master of Narayanpur Popular High School, late Sirajul Islam.

Our prime interest leans towards  the youth mental health development through sponsoring sports and cultural events. One of our most rewarding contributions is the management of an orphan care facility.



In recapitulation, a conclusion of success can be compassed firmly since Executive Study Abroad has been thriving from its initial days and yet successfully adapts to the modernities incorporating Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) pursuits ceaselessly in regards to internal and external areas of responsibility simultaneously.